most of the time i do it because its silly and pisses people off but sometimes i do it because im actually incapable of consuming media like a normal person. i will not tell you which times it is go figure


GC: i like to take a kind of. more "narrative" view of the classpects, indicated by tropes/archetypes and built for characters rather than determined by personality
GC: i think the two are linked on *some* level but the connection isnt really strong enough to make statements like "breath players are so chill and cool"
GC: especially with how drastically the character's relationship with their aspect (their class) can vary

GC: one thing i really like is seeing all the different interpretations of classpects, so aside from the more mainstream theories (optimisticDuelist for example) i also shoot my beams at other classpecting posts scattered about, notably OPacifica's Aspect/Class Theory Essay which i think is a very cool alternative view that made very cool points

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