compilation of things that arent drawn. way fewer of them than i thought tbh

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Iterative Calculation

did you know you can make a text-based adventure game in google sheets

YASP Global Sheet Template

Disco Elysium Skillsheet Template

google sheets. exactly what it says on the tin... ive been very slowly playing DE lately and im autistic about how cool conceptually the skills are... so yeah...

thumbnail featuring my own skillset as of posting this

D&D 5e Character Sheet Template

google sheets. does a decent chunk of the math for you. just click every collapsible you see and read every note you see and youll hopefully be fine

beacon-colorer blueprint

blueprint for a beacon-colorer that uses redstone lines to easily add different conditional modes through a binary system with the torch rows

this is also a compact-ish way to get binary data so the tech by itself is also useful to keep around i think

Vriska in Isaac

what if vriska was in isaac


a mod for nuclear throne that carries out homestuck punch card operations. also comes with a thing that calculates colors for personal reasons

type /punchelp in the chat for commands